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We are an American company located in Raleigh, NC.

Solutionbee experts have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing communicating measurement products and systems used in outdoor environments involving extreme temperature and humidity in rugged conditions.

Beehive Monitoring System

Solutionbee delivers the highest quality beehive monitoring system in the industry. Our reliable, user friendly solutions enable both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers alike to optimize beekeeping operations. Our dedicated support team stands ready to assist in the set-up, maintenance, and use of the system to ensure you realize maximum value from your investment.

The B-ware System is incredibly flexible and easy to deploy and use.

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System Features

Easy installation

Follow the Quick Install Guide and online videos.

Plug and play

Ready to use, you’re up and running in minutes.

Hive parameters

Weight and outside temperature recorded every 15 minutes.


Information Management, easy “in the cloud” access.

System Dashboard

Configurable for a quick view of hive status and alarms.

Apiary reports

Individual or apiary-grouped reports, downloadable to spreadsheet formats.

Alarm reporting

For intrusion, swarming, or other colony issues.


Individual hive localization on Google Maps.

...designed for

As a hobbyist beekeeper with a few hives either close to home or in an apiary not far away, you usually don’t have a lot of spare time but you do want to maximize your knowledge of your precious hives. The B-ware system is designed to be easy to set up and to manage, at a minimum with only a smartphone necessary for uploading the weight data to the Internet. The affordable cost of the Smart Hive Monitor and low maintenance is perfect for monitoring either the strongest hive or the weakest – or both! Once a day, at the end of the day for example, you need only 3 minutes to upload the latest weight data and “see” what your busy bees were up to on that day. They may surprise you!

You want to maximize the honey you produce and thereby succeed in the business. You want to make hive management decisions such as feeding schedules and super placement management based on data and facts, not just feeling. You also don’t want to miss the end of the nectar flow and have the bees consume your honey, eating your profits. The B-ware system from Solutionbee is ideally suited to provide that information. You can know exactly when to add the supers, when the nectar flow ends and if the hives are about to run out of feed in the winter. Use real data to make your management decisions and experience a boost to your business.

For research universities and testing services, the B-ware system offers a cost effective way to collect detailed and accurate beehive weight data. Research scientists have a much more effective tool for performing experiments and making discoveries. Testing services can provide data to customers that exceeds regulatory requirements – with a system that is quick to set up and easy to operate – in addition to eliminating labor-intensive data collection in the field.

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A great tool for managing my bees. The scale serves as an indicator for supering my hives. I also know when the nectar flow has ended which means it’s time to extract my honey. While at work one day my hive swarmed which I discovered when I downloaded the data that afternoon after work. I found the swarm and was able to capture it. Without the scale, it would have been the weekend before I learned the hive had swarmed. By that time, the swarm would be long gone. The swarm grew into a strong hive that I was able to get some honey from. The value of the swarm and the honey I sold from the swarm covered part of the scale’s cost. I was not expecting such a quick return on my investment.

George McAllister

George McAllisterCharlotte, North Carolina