Nuu-Bee “sees” the bees leave the hive!

Nuu-Bee “sees” the bees leave the hive!

Okay, one more day without doing the 2nd inspection. No time- because I set up two more hives. In any case, a regular pattern is setting in: a decrease during the night and early morning as syrup is being consumed to keep warm followed by an afternoon of healthy weight gain. Notice that just before the weight profile incline, the weight decreases at a faster rate than during the night. This is evidence of the foragers leaving the hive!

Nuu-Bee “sees” the bees leave the hive!

A… night/early morning rate of decrease (syrup consumption)
B… bee leaving the hive to forage rate of decrease

What is the rate of decrease at night, i.e. how much syrup are they consuming? Here is the calculation:

At 22:00 (10pm) weight was 55.69 lbs
At 10:00 (10am) weight was 55.42 lbs

Loss of 0.27 lbs (0.12 kg) over 12 hours =

0.0225 lbs/hr
0.36 oz/hr
10.2 g/hr

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