Nuu-Bee sets up his hive

Nuu-Bee sets up his hive

We set up our first backyard beehive on April 1, 2016, April Fools Day notwithstanding. Underneath the hive, recording the weight and outside temperature every 15 minutes, is an awesome Solutionbee Hive Monitor. This blog records the joy and challenge of setting up a hive and interpreting the weight profile of the hive from its establishment to (hopefully) maturity.

First Hive

The first profile shows the obvious and easily interpretable weight profile: The weight increases from near 0 (after zeroing the monitor) to its initial weight of 48.84 lbs  which includes the weight of the package of bees and a jar of sugar syrup.  The hive includes a hive stand, a 10-frame brood box, and a hive body that encloses a jar of sugar syrup.


Thick yellow line… weight profile
Thin green line… outside (ambient) temperature

A… zeroing (taring) the monitor
B… hive and bee package installation

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